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Notcuicatl (player formally known as Drafted)

Postby Drafted on Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:38 pm

Hiya guys! I just wanted to drop y'all a line and let y'all know that I'm back on KT. Been talking with Laynee and Scott a lot. Also been reminiscing about the good old days. I've been around 4 diff servers looking for a home and nothing has been the same since Nephandi.

My intention is to hopefully get back into Nephandi one day, not as a raider, but as a F&F rank if y'all still have it. In the past 2 years I have gotten married, gotten out of the Navy, and have become a full time student. My wife Kendra came with a 15 yr old daughter, Bridgett, and they keep me a busy man. Life is doing awesome and wow fills a smaller role than what it once did.
Message me in game if you catch me online, Notcuicatl or Btag detredwing#1564 or add me

Looking forward to hearing from y'all.


P.S. gratz on all the new RL additions! (Firi and Layne I know about)
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