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Postby Tarynator on Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:12 am

All times are considered server time.

25-man Content
We start at 7:30 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and run until approximately 11 PM. We try to end on time, but we have had a few progression kills happen just by giving it "one more shot". We try to mix up the order of the boss kills when possible to keep it interesting.

Once the raid gets underway, we expect focus on the raid with minimal AFK. We try to schedule a 2-3 min bio break when appropriate. Excessive AFKs or missing ready checks may bump you from the following week of raiding. Keep in mind that 24 other people are waiting on you to tend to whatever is distracting you. If something unexpected comes up, just let an officer know and we'll try to replace you. It happens. We all have it happen sometime.

10-man Content
There are a few folks in the guild that will lead a 10-man raid on Thursday night or later in the week. Typically these groups get together week after week to progress further into hard modes or achievements. If you want invited to these groups, just prove yourself in the 25-man raids and it will happen. If you fail to know the fights or show a general lack of focus, then you're not going to be on the A List when it comes to picking up a 10-man group.

Anyone in the guild is eligible to lead a 10-man raid. If you chose to do this, just set it up using the in-game calendar and talk to folks to make sure they know it's there. Since the raids can end up taking a long time, they may need to continue on a second day. When picking your group, it's best to get people that can meet on both days. If you're signing up for these groups and not following through, you probably won't be invited back.

The officers generally do not get involved in pugging raids. It is usually just too frustrating. Feel free to go for it anytime... just make sure you remember you're carrying the guild tag and any misconduct will reflect on the guild. We have gotten many of our current raiders through pugs, so the system *can* work. But don't expect it to work every time.

If you are leading a pug, expect to coach folks on every aspect of the fight. Tanking, healing, where to stand, what to dodge, etc. Your group will fail if you can't lead them successfully.

Establish the rules up front. Set up your loot system and make sure everyone knows it. Some people will immediately leave after getting loot, so save BoE items until the end. If they do leave, just don't invite them (or folks from their guild) back next time. But don't bend the rules once you've stated them or it'll come back to bite you. When in doubt... let the random number generator decide.
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