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Postby Tarynator on Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:44 am

For those thinking of applying...

Minimum Requirements
At a minimum, you should be decked out in the top gear available in heroics and badges. Your gear should be enchanted & gemmed up in the best possible manner for your specification. You should not be using any PVP gear or enchants. You should have the reputation needed (or inscription level) to get your head & shoulder items enchanted.

We will be looking at your gear, enchants, gems, professions, talents and glyphs. If you're not going to put in the effort to suit up, then you'll be passed over. You can make all the claims you want about how well you can dps/heal/tank in XX spec, but there are reasons why folks spend weeks perfecting the math on Elitist Jerks.

Note that this is a minimum... Unless you're filling a role we desperately need, the interview will tell us more about your experience and availability.

Loot Policy
Nephandi runs by loot council. That is, we don't use DKP or other mathematical systems. We find that those are not the best for progression. There are many reasons why we don't believe in them but we also understand how they can be "fair" as well. There is no perfect loot system. No one will ever be completely satisfied with the way loot gets distributed. If you do not enjoy raiding and only want loot, then find another guild. You may have a week where you get no loot.

The council decisions usually take into account the immediate needs of the guild. Are the tanks getting one-shot? Are the heals not enough? Can the DPS beat the enrage timer? In a new tier or raiding, tanks and healers are usually higher on the priority list. Other factors that go into the decision may be based on attendance, attitude, off-night raiding (is the person going to use the loot to help 10-man and other runs), guild contribution (mats for flasks, etc.) and other factors. It is not always who needs it the most or who has the worst gear currently. In the case of a tie, we may let the rolls decide. And the opinion of "who deserves the loot" may differ from person to person. All officers are part of the loot council, but the end decision is at the discretion of the Loot Master.

Decisions are typically made quickly to keep the pace of the raid. Mistakes happen. Get over it. If you want to complain about the loot distribution, find another guild. We're here to have fun raiding and progress.

Raiding, Attendance and Guild Recruitment
Nephandi is an adult guild. As such, we have nights where our raiders have obligations with school, family or whatever. We try to get a feel for the attendance of members and recruit enough to cover the possibilities. This means we will have more than 25 raiders online many nights. We tried the method of going closer to 25 raiders and then when someone in a key role ended up stuck at work or whatever, the raid was cancelled. We can pug spots, but then we end up explaining all the fights and watching loot end up out-of-guild. It's not a situation that people prefer.

So we solve this with over-recruiting. This means that we will end up with nights with 35 raiders online. We currently resolve this situation with a rotation of raiders. We will not end up taking the same 25 each week. We want everyone to get a chance to raid and see the fights. We have a "sit list" rotation for groups of raiders: tanks, healers, melee dps and ranged dps. It follows a suicide kings method. Not being online does not count as sitting out for a raid. It's not a perfect system, but it's preferred to having nights of not raiding. Most guild members will offer up spots on certain bosses if they don't need the loot. It's the type of attitude we look for in recruiting.

Everyone takes a rotation at sitting. Officers included. If you are not okay with this sort of rotation, then this may not be the guild for you. Statements like: "But this is the only week this month I can raid!" are not going to guarantee you a raid spot.

If you have questions, ask an officer.
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