Nephandi Frequently Asked Questions

Nephandi Raiding

What times are the 25-mans raids?
We start at 7:30 PM (Server Time / Central Time) on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and run until approximately 11 PM. We try to end on time, but we have had a few progression kills happen just by giving it "one more shot". If people need to leave, we may either replace or call the raid.

What times are the 10-man raids?
There are a few folks in the guild that will lead a 10-man raid on Thursday night or later in the week. Typically these groups get together week after week to progress further into hard modes or achievements. If you want invited to these groups, just prove yourself in the 25-man raids and it will happen. If you fail to know the fights or show a general lack of focus, then you're not going to be on the A List when it comes to picking up a 10-man group.

When do raid invites go out?
Typically 10 to 15 minutes before raid time. It is best to be online and not AFK at this time. If you are going to be late, try to let us know or post a hint in the forums. It can take time to lock the groups and determine the raid destination, so we like to get started early when possible.

Where do I find the schedule of which bosses on which nights?
There is not a fixed schedule. We try to mix up the order of the boss kills when possible to keep it interesting. A fixed schedule tends to have some folks show up on more nights than others. If we have people online, we will raid.

What is the raiding pace? What about AFKs?
Once the raid gets underway, we expect focus on the raid with minimal AFK. We try to schedule a 2-3 min bio break when appropriate. Excessive AFKs or missing ready checks may bump you from the following week of raiding. Keep in mind that 24 other people are waiting on you to tend to whatever is distracting you. If something unexpected comes up, just let an officer know and we will try to replace you. It happens. We all have it happen sometime.

Who leads the 25-man raids?
Normally, these raids are run by officers in the guild. We expect all our raiders to know the fights thoroughly and be able to set them up at any time. Occasionally we may use a non-officer to lead a raid to offload some of the responsibilities. It is critical that there be a single person in charge to make final decisions regarding strategy and raid setup.

Who leads the 10-man raids?
Anyone in the guild is eligible to lead a 10-man raid. If you choose to do this, just set it up using the in-game calendar and talk to folks to make sure they know it is there. Since the raids can end up taking a long time, they may need to continue on a second day. When picking your group, it is best to get people that can meet on both days. If you are signing up for these groups and not following through, you will probably not be invited back.

What about PUG raids?
The officers generally do not get involved in pugging raids. It is usually just too frustrating. Feel free to go for it anytime... just make sure you remember you are carrying the guild tag and any misconduct will reflect on the guild. We have gotten many of our current raiders through pugs, so the system *can* work. But do not expect it to work every time. Establish the rules up front. Set up your loot system and make sure everyone knows it. Some people will immediately leave after getting loot, so save BoE items until the end. If they do leave, just note their names and do not invite them (or folks from their guild) back next time. Do not bend the rules once you have stated them or it will come back to bite you. When in doubt... let the random number generator decide. If you are leading a pug, expect to coach folks on every aspect of the fight. Tanking, healing, where to stand, what to dodge, etc. Your group will fail if you can not lead them successfully.

What is a Raid Rotation?
Nephandi is an adult guild. As such, we have nights where our raiders have obligations with school, family or whatever. We try to get a feel for the attendance of members and recruit enough to cover the possibilities. This means we will have more than 25 raiders online many nights. We tried the method of going closer to 25 raiders and then when someone in a key role ended up stuck at work or whatever, the raid was cancelled. We can pug spots, but then we end up explaining all the fights and watching loot end up out-of-guild. It is not a situation that people prefer. So we solve this with over-recruiting. This means that we will end up with nights with 35 raiders online. We currently resolve this situation with a rotation of raiders. We will not end up taking the same 25 each week. We want everyone to get a chance to raid and see the fights. We have a "sit list" rotation for groups of raiders: tanks, healers, melee dps and ranged dps. It follows a suicide kings method. Not being online does not count as sitting out for a raid. It is not a perfect system, but it is preferred to having nights of not raiding. Most guild members will offer up spots on certain bosses if they do not need the loot. It is the type of attitude we look for in recruiting. Everyone takes a rotation at sitting. Officers included. If you are not okay with this sort of rotation, then this may not be the guild for you. Statements like: "But this is the only week this month I can raid!" are not going to guarantee you a raid spot.

What if I'm going to miss a raid?
Post on the forums in the "On Leave" section. It will help to let us know when to expect you back. Good communication is very helpful.

What if I need to take a leave of absence?
Through everything within the game, please do not forget your friends in the real world. Real life comes first: take care of your college, job, family and future before gaming. Without those things in order, the game just becomes a crutch to avoid dealing with real issues. If you are ever in question as to your time commitment to gaming, talk to an officer or a friend. If you can not commit an extensive amount of time to gaming, we understand. Please make the effort to contact us before going on leave. When issues clear up in real life and you wish to join us again, you will have a home.

What am I responsible for during raiding?
You need to be fully prepared. Your gear, gems, enchants, spec, etc. all need to be solid and ready to go. You need to bring ample consumables for yourself like food, potions and flasks. Do not wait until raid time to enchant your gear or farm materials for consumables. You need to know the details of the fights and the strats that we recommend. These are posted on the forums. It is NOT enough just to know your part of a strategy. A good raider will know what causes damage, where everyone else will be standing and moving and how best to assist them in getting the job done. An expert raider will know how to adapt quickly to changes and pick up slack if needed.

What do I need to bring to a raid?
You need to have enough consumables for the duration. This is typically a stack of food, potions, several flasks and enough reagents for your part of the raid. You also need to have enough funds avaialble to repair though several dozen wipes. And you need to have all of this prior to raid time. We do not want to wait on you to flip to alts or bank toons to gather the required items.

Can I raid in my offspec?
Probably not for our main raids. The exceptions to this are when the raid needs a particular role to get moving. If we need a tank or healer and you can fill the spot with a quality characerter then it may be allowed. You will need to have your offspec ready to go and the gear will need to be properly setup. A poorly prepared character can waste the time of the entire raid.

Do I need to have my offspec prepared for raiding?
This is your choice. If the raid cannot progress with your main spec and your offspec is not prepaerd, then the best solution is to swap you out of the raid for someone else. If you do not want to be asked to sit, you may prefer to be prepared.

Where can I find information about bosses or strats?
We try to post information in our Raid Strategy forums. These are broken up by tier of raiding. You are encouraged to also look at several websites such as StratFu, Tankspot, BossKillers, etc. Each site typically has some slightly different information that is useful and gives a different perspective to the fight. Updating the information on our forums is recommended if you find something missing that is useful. It will benefit all. The recommendation is to read the info, watch a video and then read the info again to make sense of it. Do NOT just learn your aspect of the fight, understand the entire mechanic.

My previous guild used a different strat. Why do you do it this way?
We try to formulate a strategy that works best with the raiders we have, playing on their strengths and minimizing their weakness. Not every raider is as skilled as Ensidia and their videos. If there is a strategy that you think might be useful to share, please post it on the forums for all to see. It is best to discuss strats outside of raid. Attempting to throw a new strat into the mix mid-raid may halt progression. Talk to the raid leader about your idea, but you may be asked to take it to the forums first.

Can I raid without vent or a mic?
Only under exceptional circumstances. Part of raiding is communication. You don't have to be social on vent, but it is very detrimental to have someone unable to speak up if they need assitance.

Applying to Nephandi

How do I apply?
You start by creating a login to our forums. The username should match the character you are applying with as your main. There will be an Apply button on the upper right side of the forums. Read the FAQ (you are already doing this) and then fill out the application form. Once that is done, an officer will contact you in-game. Typically this is done in a few days.

We (the officers of Nephandi) will:
1) Review your gear and achievements on the armory and possibly interview you in-game. If you are not at the best possible gear that can be obtained from heroics and/or the points system. We may decline your application and you can apply again later.
2) Based on the interview, we may take you into a raid or heroics to test you out.
3) Based on 1 and 2, we may extend a "probationary" guild invite.

If you receive a probationary invite:
This invite is good for 2 weeks minimum, and may extend up to 4 weeks.
During this time, you will be expected to raid during our specified raid times. Based on your performance and interaction with current members, you will be removed from probation or removed from the guild. During the probation period, you will NOT receive any item drops from any raid that are main-spec upgrades for our regular raiders.

If you are not accepted, we will notify you via in-game mail. We appreciate all applicants, but we are trying to build a community of mature, reliable, laid-back players who can deliver when asked. Not everyone fits in with every group.

What are the minimum requirements for applicants?
At a minimum, you should be decked out in the top gear available from heroics and badges. Your gear should be enchanted and gemmed up in the best possible manner for your specification. You should not be using any PVP gear or enchants. You should have the reputation needed (or inscription level) to get your head and shoulder items enchanted.

What criteria do you use to select applicants?
We will be looking at your gear, enchants, gems, professions, talents and glyphs. If you are not going to put in the effort to suit up, then you will be passed over. You can make all the claims you want about how well you can dps/heal/tank in XX spec, but there are reasons why folks spend weeks perfecting the math on Elitist Jerks and other sites. If you have something quite different than some of the standard builds, you will be asked to defend your decision.

What happens after I apply?
Your application creates a post on the forums that can be seen by all officers and guild members. Over the course of a few days, we let guild members provide feedback on the information provided, spec, gear, personal experience in raids, etc. Then the officers decide if an in-game interview is needed. If so, we will look to contact you in game. If all goes well, you should receive a Probationary invite shortly thereafter.

What is a Probation Period?
This is a time where the guild evaluates your contribution to the raids as well as seeing how you fit in with the group of people already in the guild. You may be the best Tank, DPS or Healer on the server, but if there are personality conflicts between members, then we may have to decline the application. We are looking for people we want to play with for the next few years, not just a person who can top meters.

Am I guaranteed a raid spot?
No. See the FAQ on Raid Rotation under Nephandi Raiding.

I am currently on a differnt server. Can you guarantee me a spot before I pay to transfer?
No. All new raiders must go through the Probationary Period. Your best bet is to talk to an officer on vent and go through a detailed interview. It will help your chances greatly, but we simply cannot guarantee that you will fit in until we have seen you work with our guild in a trial run. Make sure you indicate your other server on your application or we will not be able to check your armory information.

I'd like to apply together with my friend(s). Is that okay?
It is very painful for us to accept package deals. All individuals need to apply separately and indicate your group members. All will be interviewed separately. If one of the group is rejected, then it will be up to you to decide if you are willing to raid without part of your group. We will be very hesitant to accept a group since this usually means that a group may leave the guild together which means we have to fill all those spots again. We will consider all applications and see what works best for us.

Can I get my friend or family member(s) into the guild?
Only after the Probationary period. The Nephandus rank is intended for Friends or Family of guild members. They will not be allowed in any main guild run. If they want to raid in an alt or off-night run, then they had better show some raiding aptitude and be prepared or they will not be invited into any more raids. We hold everyone to a high standard, so if your friend cannot keep up, it may be best for them to be in a different guild. Keep in mind that we expect ALL guild members to represent Nephandi properly at all times. If they are wearing our guild tag and performing poorly in a PUG, then we may lose potential future applicants.

Why are there so many questions on the application?
We want to get to know you. The information there will be visible to everyone in the guild. This way we do not leave it up to just 1 person to evaluate an individual. Also, if you are too lazy to take a few minutes to fill out an application, this tells us how much time you will spend being active with our group.

Nephandi Loot & Bank

What is Nephandi's Loot Policy?
Nephandi runs by loot council. That is, we do not use DKP or other mathematical systems. We find that those are not the best for progression. There are many reasons why we do not believe in them but we also understand how they can be "fair" as well. There is no perfect loot system. No one will ever be completely satisfied with the way loot gets distributed. If you do not enjoy raiding and only want loot, then find another guild. You may have week(s) in Nephandi where you get no loot.

How does the Loot Council make a decision?
The council decisions usually take into account the immediate needs of the guild. Are the tanks getting one-shot? Are the heals not enough? Can the DPS beat the enrage timer? In a new tier or raiding, tanks and healers are usually higher on the priority list. Other factors that go into the decision may be based on attendance, attitude, off-night raiding (is the person going to use the loot to help 10-man and other runs), guild contribution (mats for flasks, etc.) and other factors. It is not always who needs it the most or who has the worst gear currently. In the case of a tie, we may let the rolls decide. And the opinion of "who deserves the loot" may differ from person to person. All officers are part of the loot council, but the end decision is at the discretion of the Loot Master. Decisions are typically made quickly to keep the pace of the raid. Mistakes happen. Get over it. If you want to complain about the loot distribution, find another guild. We are here to have fun raiding and progress as a group, not as an individual.

What is the order of importance for the Loot Council?
Typically main tanks and healers are geared first. This allows the group to work on progression fights longer. If the tanks and healers are holding steady or enrage timers are an issue, the shift will move to DPS to speed up the fights. Then offspecs that are tanks and healers are next. Then other offspecs. We try to balance out rewards to those who contribute the most and know their class the best. Characters that die early every fight will get loot last.

What about Bind-on-Equip items?
If someone in the raid needs it for a main-spec, then it will be treated as a Bind-on-Pickup and either given out via Loot Council or rolls. If another main raider outside of the raid needs it, they are next for consideration. Then off-specs are considered, then alts and finally the item may be banked for future use or sold on the Auction House. If the alt desiring the item is not a raider, then we may ask for some donations to the bank.

What about Bind-on-Equip materials for crafting?
These are items like Primordial Saronite and Runed Orbs. A thread will be posted on the forums for bidding on these items. Each person is required to indicate which item they are crafting and how many mats they will need. The bids will be handled in the order received unless there is a need to change this for progression reasons. Malfeans will have priority over Adsinistrati. Off-spec and Alt bids will be held until after all other bids are handled.

What if I want an item from the bank?
Talk to the Guild Banker(s). If it is for raiding or a main-spec, then the item may be given for free. If it is for an alt character or a non-raider, then there may be a fee. Guild members that are in their Probation Period are not allowed to get items from the bank.

Nephandi Ventrilo & Chat

What is the general etiquette for guild chat?
We are mostly an adult guild. We allow adult themes in vent and guild chat, for the most part. The specific issues we will address are those of extreme nature. Any offensiveuse of bigotry, racism, or similar forms of slander will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. We are a guild that allows many players from different backgrounds, and you do not know who you may be insulting. We are an adult guild, thus R-rated discussion is fine, though be aware if the subject is touchy. If ANY guild member asks you to halt the conversation, then do so immediately.

What is the etiquette for the Vent server?
Many of our members are parents who have young ears nearby, and we are not here to teach them stuff they should not know. Be aware of what you are saying on Vent! If you are sure that no kids are within earshot, then R-rated discussion is not a problem. We do have many couples that raid/play together, so use common sense.

What if I have a problem with something said in vent or guild chat?
The first step is to mention it to the person who is saying the remarks. The guild officers are not the first line of defense. If they refuse to stop then report it to an officer. Take screenshots if necessary. If you are listening in on someone else's Vent chatter and getting offended, then you should change the channel. Most problems can be resolved with a well-constructed comment. If you start arguing back at the originator, then you may both end up being demoted or removed as part of the solution.

What if there is a harassment situation?
Harassing other members or creating unnecessary arguments is strictly prohibited. Humans hold grudges, and many times will go to great lengths to let others know of those grudges. Because of our inherent flaws, we must work to avoid exploiting them. If you are causing an uproar, you may find yourself in another guild. If you think a situation is getting out of control, you can report it to an officer.

Who owns the Vent server?
Currently, the Guild Master (Tarynator) owns and controls the Vent server. It is a 50-user license that renews every 6 months through TypeFrag.

How can I donate for the Vent server?
Contact Tarynator in-game or through the forums. Paypal is the best form of donation.

What is the Vent info?
Check the in-game Guild Info tab. The current name, port and PW are always kept there.

I am having problems connecting to Vent. Help?
Check the in-game Guild Info tab. The info may have changed. Sometimes the vent server gets moved for better latency. Sometimes a network outage takes it down.

What if someone is abusing our vent?
Contact an officer. Most of them have an admin account to Kick or Ban individuals from the server.

Nephandi Required Reading

How often am I expected to read the forums?
Twice a week at a minimum. If you are on extended leave, then catch up when you can. There are several forums that are considered required. These are the Technocracy forum and the Raid Strategy forums. We occasionally post raid invites for alt or off-night raids on the forums, so it is in your best interest to keep up-to-date as possible. We want active members.

Nephandi Required Mods

What mods do I need for raiding?
EPGPLootMaster is the current mod used to divide up raid loot. It is a nice mod for seeing everyone's bid and current gear without slowing down the raid pace for rolls, etc. The mod shows the Loot Council the list of bids and generates an automatic roll for everyone. This can help break ties whenver needed. We strongly encourage Omen for threat monitoring. Recount is not recommended since it can slow your gameplay and take your focus away from the strategy of the fight and put it strictly on the numbers.

What if I want to use XX mod?
If it is legal by Blizzard, it is legal by us. If Blizzard deems a piece of software illegal to use, then it is not to be used. We will not give ourselves an unfair advantage that other players are not allowed to use. The Terms of Service are to be followed in its entirety. If we catch a member using a hack, exploit, bot or cheat, then we may remove them from raiding since Blizzard may ban them from game. Why give them a raid spot (and gear) if they may not be with us for long? If you have a mod that is annoying to others (spams guild or trade chat as an example), we may ask you to disable or remove it.

Nephandi Classes, Specs and Professions

What class should I play as my main?
Whatever will keep your interest for an entire expansion. We do not encourage people exchaning mains for alts unless there is an absolute need for it. We prefer a guild balance of all classes, but we do not want you to play a character that you do not love to play. It will make raiding much less fun and much more frustrating.

What is the optimal talent tree for my spec?
This is too complicated to answer in a FAQ. See the class forums for information and back it up with data found on external sites like Elitist Jerks. Blizzard tweaks the specs and talents every month or two, so make sure you are getting the current information.

Who can craft an item or make flasks for me, etc?
With the launch of Cataclysm, there is the ability to see the professions of all guild members online or offline. Bring up the guild roster tab and there is a box at the top to view Guild Professions. You can see every guild member's profession list and click on them for a list of the craftable items. If you select "View All" you can see a compiled list of all avaialble guild recipes. Then you can find your item and click on "Guild Crafters" to see who can craft the item for you.

Nephandi Alt Policy

How many alts can I have in the guild?
There is currently no limit to the number of alts that are allowed. We have some members that are multi-boxers and many of us have alts. With the guild leveling system, the benefits will be quickly seen by alts and they will help contribute to the guild-level achievements. If we determine that alts are just sitting on the guild roster collecting dust and not being used for several months, they may be removed.

When am I allowed to have alts in the guild?
All raiders and Nephandus are allowed alts at any time. Probationary members are not allowed alts until their probation period ends. There is no level requirement for your alt to be invited, but it needs to be an alt that will be logged in every few weeks or so.

How do I get my alts invited?
Log onto your main character and let an officer know the name of the alt that you would like invited. Then log onto the alt and whisper the officer. This prevents anyone else from pretending that they are you unless they have compromised your account. We do not like to extend invites to alts that just blindly whisper asking for an invite.

How do I get bank access on my alt?
You don't.

How do I get my alt into a raid?
This can be complicated. If your alt is fulfilling a needed role that can't be filled by a main raider, then it may be allowed. If you are doing an "alt run" through an instance, then it is no problem at all. However we reserve our guild raids for main raiders first and foremost. By inviting one alt, we potentially open the door for a lot of people asking to flip to their alts and this can prevent the raid from succeeding. Your alt must be fully geared, enchanted, gemmed, etc. before you can even be considered for a raid. Why should we carry your alt through a raid if you are not going to put sufficient work into it?

Nephandi Guild Structure & History

What is Nephandi's purpose?
We strive to create a community of mature gamers who work together with maturity, integrity and honor. With the sense of community we are striving to develop, our challenge arises in recruiting into the culture. Our commitment to developing an outstanding community is a great opportunity for many players to experience gaming in an unparalleled group.

Our members are here because of the potential of mutual benefits between the players and the guild. There are many skilled players with the focus and determination we seek; whose commitment to performance and behavior make them very valuable teammates in the gaming environments. Within the games we occupy, there are many guilds who have a small handful of players, but may lack the discipline and dedication to make it a premiere guild. This is where we come in.

A balance between leadership and team commitment can often be difficult. Especially within gaming environments, many leaders will not be as disciplined as, say, managers in a corporation. While we are not trying to develop a stiff white-collar environment, we do understand the importance of solid leaders. Likewise, the skills of the general populous also have substantial potential that we will use. Through our policies, your potential is limited merely by your own ambition.

It is the responsibility of every guild member to behave with utmost maturity and courtesy towards all fellow gamers. The governing rules are what a mature society should come to expect of a person in terms of behaving in a civilized manner. At all times a player wearing the guild tag is representing the guild. While you are a representation of our image, you will therefore abide by our behavior guidelines and continually give us a reason to be proud to have you in the guild. Courtesy is required treatment for friend and foe. Every action puts the guild's integrity on the line: bad news travels swifter and farther than good news, so be mindful of your actions and words.

While you are a member of our community, you will show respect and loyalty towards its leaders. Not everyone has to agree with all the decisions of the leaders, but you will respect them. All leaders within the guild are hand-picked for their qualities they've expressed and their leadership potential. They have earned their position and they are to command the respect of those who follow them. Should an issue ever arise with leadership, we have an open-door policy that works up the ranks to ensure you can talk to someone who can help you. Always try to talk to the person you have the issue with first: they will be glad you showed them that amount of respect to not talk to someone else before them. The same shall apply for issues with other members: respect is a universal trait for all members and that trait is to be maintained at all times.

Interpretation of the rules at any given time fall upon the acting leadership. It is not necessary to list specific rules on behavior: if it could be unacceptable, it is not worth risking. It is also the player's responsibility to report any action that may be against our policy. Not letting an officer know will allow the actions to continue, potentially scarring the reputation of the guild. Failure to communicate could result in disciplinary actions. We can have no hope of fixing a problem, or assisting a user with his or her situation if no one reports it.

Where did the name Nephandi come from?
Borrowed from:
The Nephandi are a sect of fallen mages. Like the rest of the sects, they represent one of the four Avatar Essences; in this case, the Primordial Essence. These mages represent the desire to obliterate the entire Tellurian. It is a mistake to compare Nephandi to simple infernalists. Infernalists are those who sell their soul for their own callous purposes — typically power; whether magical, temporal or sexual. The Nephandi, conversely, willingly corrupt their soul in order to kill the world. In a world full of shades of grey they are the black, each without exception a monster. When a mage Descends, he enters a Caul (a sort of gateway to hell/shrine of unspeakable horror). What occurs within is not generally known as the Nephandi does not discuss it, although things are known to be within the Caul with the Nephandi and many mages do not come out again. If the initiate emerges relatively intact they will have been fundamentally and irreversibly changed; their Avatar will have been inverted focusing on Descent rather than Ascension; their very magic becomes Qlippothic. The Nephandi come into existence in two possible ways: firstly, they can be created from regular mages through the 'process' of the caul, or they are simply born with inverted avatars from a previous life.

What do the guild ranks mean in White Wolf terms?
Pawn - The scum, these are the lowest on the roster loosely divided into non-awakened servants of the sect such as hired thugs, cultists or pimps. Minor supernatural servants or non-Nephandic mages who are being manipulated by the Nephandi. The "weak link in the chain" so to speak, these poor bastards are usually unaware of what they serve. Of coarse theirs always a chance of promotion through the caul.....
Nephandus - A true Nephandi is first born by emerging from the Caul. This term also broadly refers to any member of the hierarchy upwards from here, and later ranks can be considered "titles." It is at this rank that most of the Nephandi's Shaytan (those Nephandi who are highly violent and act as soldiers and assassins) can be found. The fist of the nephandi forces these are the guys who are the most likely to be encountered in direct confrontation.
Adsinistrati - The sergeants. After building a network of supporters, a Nephandus begins to have the clout to command lesser Nephandi and act as a full-time tempter. The Adsinistrati are primarily responsible for luring Pawns into the Caul, as the lower ranks lack the subtlety and skill to do so. When necessary, the Adsinistrati are also the diplomats of the Nephandi, making contact with other beings of corruption such as Black Spiral Dancers.
Prelati - The generals of the Nephandi are almost always powerful, inhuman, and inscrutable. Most Prelati are able to visit Earth for short periods but generally find long-term residence difficult. These Nephandi direct large-scale operations.
Gilledian - The highest ranking Nephandi are the rulers of the Labyrinths, Nephandic realms in the Umbra. Most are very old, very powerful, and very experienced. While unable to leave the Umbra, these beings exert tremendous political force from a distance. They are not even by the loose standards of their colleages usually anything even resembling a human. In fact quite a few are technically dead.
Aswadim - Beyond the Gilledians there are no unifiers of the Nephandi. Though a handful of Aswadim (superhumanly powerful masters of Qlippothic magic) exist, they act (at most) as symbols to the Nephandi, or as avatars of Oblivion. They do not take an active role in leadership.

What do the guild ranks mean in Warcraft terms?
Pawn - Alts - This rank has no guild bank privileges or the ability to create calendar events.
Nephandus - Non-Raider Mains - This is the rank for guild friends and family and all non-raiders. These are brought in on a case-by-case basis. There is no all encompassing rule for the number of Nephandus allowed. In the big picture, we do not want the guild to be bloated with non-raiders or people that distract from our raiding goals. (i.e. we will not be inviting someone into the guild who is only playing for PVP points and wants people to arena rather than instance/raid) If a Nephandus has an alt, it will be a Pawn. Nephandus are under the same rules as the Adsinistrati with regard to maturity and behavior.
Probation - Raiders in need of guidance - These are either new folks or existing raiders that pulled aggro, broke Crowd Control, etc. too many times or were warned not to do something and did it anyway. These are usually the folks who complain about "my tears didn't work" or "I didn't hear you say that on vent". This is your penalty box. Too many strikes and you will be out of the guild. Probationary members do not have bank or calendar creation privileges. Strikes can be removed after several raids without incident, and you can be re-instated as a full raider with officer agreement. New Probationary members are reviewed after a few weeks of raids. If they're not up to the quality of the other raiders, they may be either removed from the guild or provided some feedback to improve upon (if they have potential). They will only be promoted to Adsinistrati after a favorable review by several officers.
Adsinistrati - Raiders - This is the raiding rank. Folks that are unprepared for raids, or don't know what they're getting into will be demoted to Probation rank until resolved. After breaking CC or pulling aggro during raids, the raider will be warned, and then after multiple infractions, demoted to Probataion. All Adsinistrati are supposed to be armed to the teeth with knowledge, food, potions, etc. Also you are expected to be a sergeant to each other: helping each other with rotations or whatever is needed to max out the class/spec. This is a community effort... holier-than-thou individuals will not last long in the guild. Adsinistrati have the ability to get needed items from the guild bank and make calendar entries for raids/instances.
Malfeans - Raiders without tunnel-vision - These raiders have proven that they can adapt quickly and efficiently to changing situations. These raiders know more than their particular place in the raid, they could successfully lead the raid and describe it in more than just a single aspect. These raiders get higher access to the guild bank and off-night repairs.
Prelati - Officers - Each officer has some unique skills abilities to bring to the group. Officers are expected to help with raid leading, guild provisions/bank, loot distribution, administration, recruitment, post-raid analysis. Not all officers are tasked to do all of these things... this is all on top of the requirements to be as knowledgeable and prepared as the Malfeans.
Gilledian - Guild Leaders - In addition to the requirements for Adsinistrati and Prelati, Gilledian have the final vote on all guild matters. Currently this is Cuicatl and Grogomesh for the raid leading (and hammer for the unprepared).
Aswadim - Guild Master (limited to 1 by Blizz) - This is I, Tarynator. I am expected to be involved in everything public and private on the forums. I am expected to know all raid fights and be able to fill in as a raid leader at any moment as well as doing healing/tanking assignments and loot distribution. I also have the responsibility of writing and maintaining the forums and such.

How do I get promoted?
If you are a raider, you start a Probation and earn your rank through raids If you are a non-raider, you will not be promoted above Nephandus. If you feel you have been stuck at a rank for a long period of time (at least 3 week) then contact an officer to find out why.

How often do promotions happen?
Typically every few weeks we will review the roster and see if any promotions need to happen. This may happen more frequently if we have new members or less frequently if we have a stable core. Contact an officer if you think your rank is not appropriate.

How do I become an officer?
Typically the officers will come looking for particular people to augment the officer ranks. You need to be at least Malfean level and show that you have in-depth knowledge on many apsects of the game. You will need to be capable of leading a raid and earning respect while doing so. An officer that does not have the respect of the members of the guild will be ineffectual. If you think you have what it takes, you can petition an officer to express your interest. Keep in mind that we do not want too many officers or it becomes too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to leading the guild. There are many ways that you can contribute though... and a raid leader does not have to be an officer!

Who are the officers?
Tarynator is the GM. Grogomesh and Cuicatl are Gilledans. Draaggo, Humor, Kethana, Tantabobo and Ewiggins are Officers. There is a separate rank for the alts of the officers.

What do the officers do?
It is easiest to list the tasks and who is active in it. The names are listed in the order of who is most active at the task. If that person is not online, you can consult the next on the list.
Banking - Ewiggins, Humor, Grogomesh, Cuicatl, Tarynator
Raid Leading - Cuicatl, Tarynator, Kethana, Grogomesh, Draaggo
Raid Strats - Cuicatl, Tarynator, Grogomesh
Recruiting - Grogomesh, Cuicatl
Loot Council - Tarynator, Cuicatl, Grogomesh, Tantabobo, Kethana, Draaggo
Website/Forums - Tarynator, Cuicatl, Grogomesh, Draaggo, Humor
Achievements - Cuicatl, Grogomesh, Tarynator
Member Evals - Grogomesh, Tantabobo, Draaggo, Ewiggins
Vent - Tarynator, Cuicatl, Grogomesh
This is very much an over-simplification of the involvement of these individuals. Each of them has contributed quite a bit of time behind the scenes. The officer forum is very active and lots of ideas are tossed out. Some actually survive and get inflicted upon the guild.


How do they work?
We are still waiting on a blue post with the answer.